Our Mission

To offer high-quality Christian clothing that is super comfortable, starts conversations, and points people towards Jesus.

man taking notes during bible study

Why We Do What We Do

We recognize how hard it can be to express and share our faith. We love making designs that illustrate the Gospel message. And we hope to motivate Christians to share that message with those who need it, one piece of clothing at a time. By wearing a By Grace Alone design, you have a great segue into sharing the message of the Gospel or to simply start having conversations about Jesus. Couple that with Godly character and a love for the lost, and you're off to a great start!
Even though sharing your faith may seem daunting and even risky, in today's culture, it is always worth it. So, we hope our unique designs will help Christians become walking, talking, and discipling billboards for Christ and His message. We wear clothing everyday with brands and designs that point towards other material things. But why not wear clothing that points to something far more life-changing? (HINT: That's Jesus and the Gospel)
If you are unsure how to share your faith and pointing others to Jesus, please check out our Christian Sources page!

How we do what we do

We currently use a system that gives us the ability to print and ship products, without the hassle of inventory. It's commonly referred to as POD, or Print-On-Demand.
Through POD, we digitally place our designs on the products that we choose and our POD partners make all of the necessary preparations. When a customer buys from our site, our partner gets notified. They then get the product out of their inventory and start the printing or embroidery process. Once done, they ship the items out to the customer. We handle our social media, marketing, design creation, customer support, website development, and everything in between.
Using our POD partners for fulfillment gives us more time to grow our small business, create designs, and focus on delivering a better customer experience. However, our goal is to fulfill our orders ourselves if/when the Lord opens the right doors. Until then, we will continue to utilize what the Lord has already made available to us.

Our plans for the future

Lord willing, we will take things over from our POD partners and handle all of the printing, embroidery, inventory, packaging, and shipments ourselves; inside our own private facility. This will allow us the opportunity to streamline our fulfillment processes, provide better customer support, increase quality and potential, provide a better customer experience, and have complete control over our entire business.
We also plan to give a portion of our profits and/or products to various Christian organizations and ministries to help them grow and minister to the lost. As Christians, our purpose is to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of unbelievers. By sharing the gospel message and leading people to Christ, we are aiding in that mission. We are just servants of the Lord. We simply want to help other servants carry out their God-given purpose.
To God Be The Glory!